Mary Valentin’s artistic philosophy as it relates to the presentation of food in photography stems from her passion for good food. Food is loaded with history, meaning and possibility and must be treated with great respect. Though food styling skills are important in being able to control the effect of the food in the photograph, over-styling, or perfecting food sometimes kills the very thing that makes it visually beautiful, unique and appetizing. To help her clients realize their own vision, Mary draws on her experience and skill in both the visual and culinary arts to help her clients explore the possibilities and to ultimately enact their final plan. Understanding the important role of proper communication, patience and collaboration with the entire professional team is crucial in any project.

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BFA, School of the Art Institute, Chicago

BPC, Kendall College, Chicago

Chair, Food Photographers and Stylists Section, IACP

Adjunct Instructor, Kendall College, Chicago


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